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What Is The Difference Between The Two "Teachers' Groups?"

 Although both "teachers' groups" are usually on the same side of educational issues, one of the most often quesitons often asked is,  "What is the difference between the two teachers' groups?"  Well, to make a long story as short as possible,  AFT is a true UNION, while the other is an ASSOCIATION.  For an explanation of this, please read on:

  • The AFT does NOT allow administrators (those who hire, fire, or evaluate) to join.  The teachers "association" allows administrators.  This creates a conflict of interest when asking for raises.  For example, AFT a vast majority of the time avocates across-the-board raises, whereas the other group prefers percentage increases.  This is largely due to the fact that their members are making the most money, thus yielding a much greater raise than a majority of the other teachers.  This philosophy defeats the purpose of what a labor union is supposed to do.
  • When one is a member of the AFT, one is also a member of the AFL-CIO labor union.  This provides solidarity with other professions and trades to work together to raise the standards and working conditions of everyone.  We have remained steadfast with the miners, communication workers, food and commercial workers, and numerous other hard-working people.  By being part of this larger group, we have strength in numbers and not just with teachers, but with those in and about our community.

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